Why Frunut LLC ?

We are ready to deal with complex cases and offer flexible solutions

Years of experience
We have established over the years supply chains
and stable relationships with proven contractors.
Successful projects

Our successful export and import project
With Complete customer satisfaction

Covered countries

Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan
China, American, Hong kong,Vietnam
We are expanding the geography of our supplies every day

Personal approach

We are ready to deal with complex cases and offer flexible solutions

Frunut Team

Quality Standards

For Frunut, quality is a process which starts with the hanging on its tree and advances until such product is delivered to the consumers. We’ve turned best quality oriented business model into an objective by supporting the production process with current technology and continuous improvement and development. The most important factor determining our quality standards is the feedback received from our customers. Our production processes are continuously updated by our expert R&D team by taking into account the requests and feedbacks received from our customers.

Frunut Team

Food Safety

Frunut takes into account the international quality standards when determining its production processes. Thus, we’re awarded with the most important certificates required in the international market. We continue to develop our production processes in line with the said standards in order to maintain such certificates.